Jake "JT" Novak


Jake “JT” Novak – Geeky Occultist
d4 Lifestyle

  • Agility d6
  • Strength d6
  • Vitality d4
  • Alertness d4
  • Intelligence d12
  • Willpower d10

Derived Attributes:

  • Initiative d6 + d4
  • Endurance d4 + d10
  • Life Points 14
  • Resistance d4 + d4


  • Athletics d4
  • Craft d6
  • Discipline d6/Concentration d10
  • Influence d4
  • Knowledge d6/Latin d10
  • Lore d6/Occult d10/Demons d10/Mythology d8
  • Melee Weapons d4
  • Ranged Weapons d4
  • Tech d6
  • Unarmed Combat d2



  • Signature Possession (Grimoire) d8
  • Mystic Protection (Grimoire) d4
  • Natural Linguist (Latin, French) d4
  • Unbreakable Will d6


  • Obsessed (Occult Power) d6
  • Smartass d4
  • Memorable (Loudmouth) d8
  • Prejudice d4

Knife – d2W

Laptop, Candles, Chalk, Salt, Grimoire

Liber Incantamentum Maleficarum – “The Black Book of Incantations”


Jake “JT” Novak

Born in Buffalo, New York, JT has always been a bit of an odd duck. An early interest in Mythology and a bit of odd lore led him down a darker path, searching for more information that maybe he shouldn’t have been seeking out. He landed a scholarship at SJU, and off he went, moving onto Campus in the ever-classy McShain hall.
JT is a Linguistics Major, and his backround in all sorts of Mythology, from Greek to Norse to Ancient Sumerian, helped him become a quick study. He spent a lot of time in the Library, proing over musty texts in translation or otherwise, trying to get more information on the Occult. His knowledge of demons expanded exponentially when he stumbled across a few obscure Latin texts, but his biggest find was his signature possession, the Liber Incantatem Maleficarum. A grimoire detailing all sorts of occult secrets on everything from magic spells and rituals to the names of demons one could bind, the Liber Incantatem was a dream come true for JT, who stole it from the Library’s archives section.
While he’s still in the arduous process of translating the grimore, JT is confident that he can use the book to gain some REAL power, which is what he ultimately seeks. His roommate has become increasingly convinced he’s a weirdo, however, after noticing that he stayed up until early in the morning poring over translations.

While JT is a relatively charismatic person, the fact that he’s an absolute smartass can sometimes get him in trouble. He’s a loudmouth who’s not afraid to say what he thinks, and he often does, regardless of whom he’s speaking to. He has a well-noted dislike of Muslims, stemming from his older cousin’s death in the Iraq War. His obsession often leaves him alone on his computer, so he hasn’t had the chance to socialize as much as most Freshme; he also hasn’t had much luck with the ladies, because despite all of his bluster, he’s terrified of talking to girls in a romantic context.
JT’s other talents stem from his time in the boy scouts, where he was a middling archer, craftsman, and athlete.

Jake "JT" Novak

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